Everything You Should Know About Filing Your Back Taxes | Axiom Tax Resolution Group

It can be hard to pay back taxes if you’ve been dealing with back issues for a long time. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes that it does not have a statute of limitations on how long you can wait to pay back the taxes you owe. The IRS doesn’t deny your tax return when you file it late, but you only have three years to claim a refund if you want your money back. Furthermore, after six years, the IRS may take action against you.

Remember: Three Years for a Refund and Six Years for Filing

The Internal Revenue Service will give you a little leeway in filing your taxes each year, but they still want you to get them done by the standard deadline. If you want to file a return for the past year, you must meet that deadline and submit your taxes within three years. Note that consistent filing of tax returns for the past six years should be done if you want to look “good” to the IRS.

What Happens if You Don’t File on Time?

If you do not file your tax return on time, the IRS may file a substitute for you. This isn’t something you want to happen because they will not claim all of the tax credits and deductions you are entitled to claim. They will prepare a rudimentary tax return for you without them, and that will leave you owing more tax than if you or a paid professional prepared one for you.

The IRS will send you a CP3219N. This provides you with 90 days to either file the tax return yourself with the proper tax deductions and credits or argue your case in Tax Court.

Tax Documents You’ll Need

Did you receive a tax refund or owe any tax money last year? Do you have copies of the tax returns you filed? Did you receive W-2s and other tax documents from last year? If you did not file taxes last year, you would need as many receipts and other tax documents as you can find for the years that you did not file.

You can file a Form 4506-T with the IRS to request copies of your tax documents from past years. If your employer has them on file, they might also be able to send copies of your receipts. Note that there may be a small fee when asking for these files. 

You will need copies of the Forms W-2 and 1099 for any income you brought in during the year in question. This includes returns and forms for that year. For example, you can’t file a Form 1040 for 2021 to report income from 2019. You will also need bank statements and credit card statements for that period for refunds and deductibles.


Accepting responsibility for your taxes is definitely easier to deal with than trying to avoid them. If you have not filed your taxes for several years and are worried about the back taxes you owe, you can contact an IRS tax attorney for help. If you’re not filing tax returns because you don’t want to pay your taxes, you’re putting yourself at risk of being charged with tax evasion. Make sure you get your taxes filed and paid to avoid any complications with the IRS.

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