Face Your Tax Problems or Run and Hide? | Axiom Tax Resolution Group

You didn’t file your taxes and owe money to the IRS. Is it better to avoid them and avoid paying by tearing up the letters and ignoring it or should you face it and possible consequences? We think you know the right answer is to face your problems (and we’ll explain why). But here’s the deal, Axiom Tax Resolution is going to do it with you to help resolve the problems. We aren’t going to enable you; we’re here to help you. 

By sticking your head in the sand, you’re essentially creating more problems for yourself (or even your business) down the road, when we’re right here to help right now.

Some taxpayers were already having problems long before COVID-19 hit this year, but now that we are still in this pandemic situation, a growing group of people and businesses (that were previously fine) will face tax liabilities higher than they can afford to pay.  

Here are some thoughts to think about:

Who is most affected by your decisions?

You are. If not addressed quickly, tax liabilities can lead to a number of other problems like fees, interest, liens, wage garnishment, and more. You are only hurting yourself and your family by continuing to run from the IRS. Don’t worry, we are here to function as the liaison between you and the IRS in order to help resolve tax issues.


Waiting costs more than you think

You might be thinking, “while I avoid it, I’m not having to pay anything. Addressing it costs me money.” Eventually, it will catch up with you and will end up costing you significantly more than reaching out right now. Anyone who has had a tax problem can tell you that you need to be proactive.  Doing nothing only stacks up significant penalties and interest. It also costs you more to resolve your problems down the road.

If you cannot afford to pay your taxes, your tax resolution specialist at Axiom can help get you into a installment agreement based on whatever amount you can currently pay. If you cannot pay a single cent, we can talk about placing you into not-collectable status.

You may be thinking, “why should I go through the hassle if no one is bothering me?” The IRS could file a lien or levy your bank account or garnish your wages. Entering into this next level of issue with the IRS will not only affect your belongings and income, it will also wreck your credit which causes more residual financial problems.


Let’s Handle This Now

The last thing anyone wants to do right now is address their 2020 taxes. We get that, but we also care about your financial and mental well-being for the years to come as well. Talking to your tax resolution specialist at Axiom could save you thousands of dollars or more going forward.  If you think you will be unable to pay your income taxes this coming year, it makes sense to reach out now


We’re not here to judge, to blame, or to drain your bank account. We’re here to help you get in right standing with the IRS and recover your financial situation. With some planning, you can get into an installment agreement or other solution you can afford. Contact Axiom Tax Resolution today so we can get you the help you need before your tax problems get out of hand or help sort out what already seems too far gone.