How to Qualify for the IRS Debt Forgiveness Program | Axiom Tax Resolution Group

Are you seeking IRS debt forgiveness? If so, this is possible; however, you’re going to need professional help through it. The IRS offers relief options for taxpayers who owe taxes, and you need to qualify for it to get it. 

Eligibility for IRS debt forgiveness is based on your circumstances based on your unpaid debt. Here are the options you can qualify for: 

  • Installment Agreements (IA): This allows you to pay down your tax debt in chunks if you can’t pay in full. You will be given up to 72 months to pay for it but this is only available if your unpaid taxes are below $50,000 in combined tax, penalties, and interest. 
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: This allows applicants to avoid penalties from tax fraud or inaccuracies they didn’t have anything to do with. 
  • Offer In Compromise (OIC): This is an option where you will be eligible to pay far less than what you actually owe to the IRS. 
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC): This allows you to have a clean slate if you can prove you’re unable to pay back tax debt. 

Keep in mind, an IRS tax debt forgiveness will not automatically be granted to you just because you meet all of the requirements. You still need to fill out a form and comply with applicable requirements. 

The IRS will also not consider you for tax relief benefits unless all your tax returns from existing and previous years have been filed. 

How Does It Work

Your financial situation will be considered here to determine the forgiveness plan you can qualify for. The first thing to do is to apply and be accepted for the right program. You will then be asked to stay current with all your tax returns moving forward. 

The IRS will also put terms that you need to agree on when it comes to totals due, penalty abatement, and payment terms. You must also agree to let the IRS re-evaluate your financial status periodically. 

It is up to the IRS to determine how much you need to pay based on your current financial situation and the circumstances around your debt. 

Are You Eligible? 

It’s not easy to know if you qualify for the program unless you seek the help of a tax expert. That’s why we mentioned that you need professional guidance if you’re seeking to get into any of the IRS tax debt forgiveness programs. 

The good thing is, if you can prove you can’t pay your full tax bill due to financial hardships, it’s likely the IRS can make a deal with you. Moreover, almost everyone who applies may be approved for an IRS repayment agreement. The catch is, it may not be the best option for everyone. 


The IRS tax debt forgiveness programs may be extremely helpful for your finances and your taxes. If you’re thinking of getting into any of the programs, you need to seek the help of a professional. A tax expert can guide you through the process and help you make the right choices. 

If you want to qualify for IRS tax debt forgiveness, work with Axiom Tax Resolution Group. We have a team of tax resolution specialists in Birmingham, AL that can help you find a permanent solution for your tax problem. Contact us today!