The Most Common Payroll Tax Mistakes to Avoid Today | Axiom Tax Resolution Group

While owning a business can be rewarding, it also necessitates a substantial amount of effort. As your company expands, you will also require employees and manage the monthly payroll system. This means that you must understand that mistakes may frequently result in financial loss. As such, here are the most common payroll mistakes to avoid today.

The Misclassification of Employees 

Employees and independent contractors are both acceptable worker classifications. Employees and contractors are taxed and compensated differently. Employees’ paychecks frequently have benefits, overtime pay, and payroll taxes deducted, which the employer then pays to the appropriate federal, state, and local taxing authorities. 

Independent contractors are not required to pay a minimum wage or work overtime. Because they are not classified as employees, they are not eligible for employee benefits. If you incorrectly classify an employee as a contractor, you may be liable for back taxes, penalties, and interest. You may be required to pay back wages to an employee. 

The Overtime Pay Calculation Error 

According to federal law, overtime pay must be paid at a rate of 1.5 times the regular rate. State overtime laws differ, and it is critical to stay up to date on them as well. If you fail to pay overtime wages to your employees, you may face penalties and interest on the unpaid wages. 

The Paying of the Wrong Rates 

Tax rates are constantly changing, so staying up to date is critical to avoid paying too much. Incorrect payments can result in exorbitant interest and penalties. Keep current payroll rates for Social Security Income Tax, the Federal Unemployment Tax, and the Medicare Tax, among others.

The Late Payments

Keep to your payment schedule. There are numerous payment options available. Late payment not only undermines your employees’ trust in you but also violates state pay frequency requirements. It is your responsibility to process payroll on time and complete it by the pay date. 

The Inadequate Filing and Reporting 

Your company is required to file payroll reports with the federal, state, and local governments on a regular basis. Wage reporting on a quarterly basis is part of this. You must also file reports and pay unemployment taxes on a quarterly basis. Failure to pay taxes or file reports on time can result in significant interest and penalties. 

The Inaccurate Records 

All employees’ payroll records must be accurate. Hours worked, pay, overtime, bonuses, holidays, vacation, and sick pay are all included. In the event of a pay dispute, these records must be available. Keep these records in case a tax authority requests proof of your filings and payments. 

Maintaining accurate payroll records can assist you in avoiding penalties and interest for unpaid or underpaid taxes, as well as ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. It benefits both your employees and your company.


Running a business with employees isn’t a walk in the park, no matter how successful you may look from the outside. Internally, systems must be up to date and solid to reach your company’s financial and success goals. Thus, if you make sure to avoid these payroll tax mistakes, you can happily reap the benefits of what your business rakes in.

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