Guaranteed Ways to File Your Returns for Back Taxes | Axiom Tax Resolution Group

When it comes to financial topics, taxes is one discussion that people often find discomforting or confusing. This is understandable, as there are many technicalities and workarounds when filing taxes. This is why some people prefer to hire specialists to handle such complicated matters. The average person isn’t well-versed with taxes and returns, and if they’re not careful, they may receive a personal visit from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

No one ever wants to experience that, which is why everyone does their best to get a basic summary of the topic so that they will at least be able to familiarize themselves with some of the regulations that go along with it. One of the things they must learn from the start would be acquiring their returns from the back taxes.

This stems from situations wherein a person may have overpaid the taxes that they owed. As with all types of transactions, getting back what you paid is important; otherwise, you are just wasting your funds.

If you happen to have overpaid during your last tax due, then you may need the following tips to help you file your returns for back taxes:

1. Gather All the Requirements for the Tax Return

You need to sort out all of the paperwork and ensure that you will be able to acquire clear pieces of information about your taxes in the previous years. Going back through your old files may seem unnecessary until you realize that they will serve as proof of your overpaid amount, all of which you need to refund.

You will not be given a chance to take back the cash that you have provided them if you cannot prove that you have indeed gone over the specific due amount. Some examples of these forms are the W-2 and the 1099.

2. Ask For the Assistive Documents from the IRS

People might be intimidated to ask the IRS themselves for help, but the thing is, they would only be a threat if you cannot provide your dues. If you are certain that you have overpaid, they will be more than happy to assist you in proving that you will need your excess payments back.

You may fill up Form 4506-T to request a transcript of your tax return information. Just be sure to provide all the needed details so that they would not run into any obstacle validating your claim for a return.

3. File Your Tax Return

It may sound too simple at first, but remember, you have to go through steps one to two before you can even proceed to do this. People often rush to this part of the process because they think they can get through it cleanly, bypassing any requirement the IRS would need. You must avoid making the same mistake.

You must be able to present all the paperwork so there will never be any more questions asked. The sooner you are done with the first two pointers, the faster you will accomplish this third step.


Filing your returns for back taxes may not be that easy, but it is all a matter of knowing the right things to do so that you will never be able to commit crucial mistakes that may hurt your chances of acquiring them. Gathering all the right documents, asking the IRS for help, and filing everything by the end will make things more convenient for you.

Be sure to follow our tips above, and you will never run into any hassle during the process.

If you still need some assistance, our tax professionals can offer tax resolution services in Birmingham, AL, at Axiom Tax Resolution Group. Our team is always ready to help you find a permanent solution to all your tax problems with the IRS. Contact us today and let us discuss your available tax options.